Our Process

1. Discovery & Planning

As a first step, it is critical to gather internal and external data that would help frame the problem, contextualize the landscape, and garner a thorough understanding of both the players and factors influencing the challenge ahead.

2. Prototyping

We design the prototypes of the flows and we test them – with the client’s help and feedback – and continue to optimize them until we reach the desired outcome.

3. UX Design

The ideas and prototyping process of the previous step will yield a foundational framework of our conversation ecosystem. In-depth user experience and interaction design will now take the experience to the next level, bringing it to life.

4. UI Design

Iterative wireframe design, user testing, and visual design are the final steps in the design process – taking place after the structure of the experience and core interactions had been defined and tested.

5. Learning

Algorithms can be optimized easily in order to improve the user experience through supervised learning.

6. Augmentation

Conversational flows can be added, cross-linked and optimized over time.

7. Advanced AI

As more data is collected and classified, we cooperate with the client in order to incorporate additional business rules to make the experience more conversationally intelligent.

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