Why use chatbots?

Boost your sales

Sell your products/services within chat systems such as Facebook Messenger (1.2 billion monthly active users in 2017), Slack and more.

Answer questions, quickly

Answer questions about your services & products, quickly, 24/7, with no waiting time.

Mass Messaging with exquisite open rates

Segmented mass messaging with open rates of 90%+ instead of an average open rate of 15% in email marketing.

Build brand loyalty

Send coupons, newsletters, personalized content and more to your subscribers. Encourage customers to continue shopping.

Shopping cart abandonment follow up

Boost up your sales up to 80% with automated Facebook Messenger cart reminder for driving back shopping cart abandoners.

Search & book reservations

Book flight, restaurant tables and more with much less fuss than filling up forms, searching or waiting for someone to respond.